Who qualifies as a dependant?


A dependent can get you a variety of tax benefits, including valuable offsets. In order to claim someone as a dependent, that person must be:

  • An Australian resident for tax purposes
  • Your spouse
  • Your parent or your spouse’s parent
  • A child under 21 years old who is not a student
  • A student under 25 years old who is studying full time at school, college, or university
  • A child-housekeeper (your child who kept house for you full-time)
  • An invalid relative (your child or sibling) 16 years old or older


You may be required not just to have a dependent, but to maintain them as well. Maintaining a dependent involves any of the following:

  • Living with your dependent in the same house
  • Giving them food, clothing, or lodging
  • Helping them pay for living, medical, and educational costs

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