Do I need to lodge a return?

Most people will have to lodge a return.


If you paid tax under PAYG withholding or had tax withheld from payments made to you, you definitely need to lodge a return. If you didn’t have any tax withheld, there are several conditions under which you may still have to file. It all depends on whether you are eligible for the senior Australian tax offset and whether you received any Government payments, pensions, or allowances.


There are a number of additional scenarios that require you to file, including (but hardly limited to) if you

  • Have reportable fringe benefits listed on your PAYG payment summary
  • Obtained reportable employer superannuation contributions on your PAYG payment summary
  • Are entitled to the private health insurance tax offset
  • Carried on a business
  • Made a loss or can claim a loss you made in a previous year.

The list goes on. The best thing to do is refer to the ATO website to determine if you must file. Generally, if your ‘rebate income’ is more than $30,685 you can count on having to lodge.

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