Am I an Australian resident for tax purposes?

Australian Resident Requirements:
  •  always lived in Australia
  • moved to Australia permanently
  • leave Australia temporarily and do not set up a home elsewhere
  • been in Australia for more than six months working the same job and living in the same place
  • been in Australia for more than half the financial year (unless they maintain a home overseas and do not intend to live in Australia)
  • visiting, working and living in one location in Australia and have taken measures to make Australia your home
  • attending an Australia institution for more than six months


If there’s any ambiguity regarding your residency status, the determination may depend on your intentions.


However, if you leave Australia permanently, you will cease to be a resident on the day you depart. You will be treated as a resident for the fraction of the year when you were in Australia.


If none of these conditions apply, you are most likely a nonresident for tax purposes. Read our blog for more details to determine if you are an Australian resident.

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