Where can I apply to get my super refund?

E-Lodge no longer offers this service.

The information provided in this section is meant as a brief guide for those who wish to retrieve their super refund directly from the ATO.

  1.  Supers start when you’re a contractor, self-employed or employed and your employer pays the super for you. You can choose to contribute to your super if you’re self-employed.
  2. You can boost your super by setting up an arrangement with your employer to make your own contributions or government contributions.
  3. If your super is unpaid from your employer, determine if you’re entitled to the super, use the estimate my super tool, confirm with your employer, confirm how much super you received, or lodge an inquiry.

You can download the application for your super refund as a PDF form from the ATO here and mail it to the indicated address, or you can apply directly online here.

How can I find out which account my super is in?

Your employer chooses the fund which your Super contributions will go to.

Around the time of employment, you will have received a membership card from the fund with all the necessary information. However, if you misplaced your card and do not remember the name of your super fund, we can locate it for you.

What is Superannuation or “Super”?

The money put aside by your employer in order for you to live on after retirement is your Superannuation.


Everyone who makes more than $450 a month working in Austrailia has 9.5% of their earnings withheld by their employer. They then deposit it into a pension plan of your choosing.


Contribution to Super by an employer is compulsory and applies whether or not the employee is a resident or non-resident of Australia for tax purposes.
Australians must typically wait until they have reached retirement age before accessing their super savings. Visitors to Australia on a temporary visa who work in Australia may claim a refund of their super contributions. However, they can only do so after they leave Australia.