Is E-Lodge secure?

Yes, E-Lodge is absolutely secure.

Keeping your personal information safe is our highest priority, which is why our site is secured by ASP.NET form security and GeoTrust’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Furthermore, McAfee tests our site daily for vulnerabilities in our servers and databases. If any information is ever intercepted due to site vulnerabilities, E-Lodge will cover 100% of any loss that you incur.

What makes E-Lodge better than just going to a tax accountant?

Just as a tax accountant would, E-Lodge’s online program asks a series of questions. It takes these answers and instantaneously determines the deductions and offsets best suited to your situation and completes your return.


A real live accountant reviews your information for any errors, potential audit triggers, and deductions or offsets you may have missed.


With E-Lodge you get all this for half the typical price of shop front service. On top of that, not only is it more affordable, it’s also much more convenient.


Unlike visiting a local tax office, you can complete your return from the comfort of your own home – all without sacrificing quality or accuracy.


Why should I use your tax service?

Answer Simple Questions

To begin with, complete an easy online questionnaire with a simple yet comprehensive set of questions. E-Lodge’s software prepares your return for you. It provides the maximum amount of deductions and offsets possible, calculating your refund at each stage of the interview process.


Accountants Review your return

Then, when you finish your return, an E-Lodge accountant reviews your account and lodge your return. This prevents any errors, potential audit triggers, and deductions or offsets you may have missed. 


Friendly customer service

No place but E-Lodge gets you the exhaustive precision of a state-of-the-art computer algorithm combined with friendly, personal customer service. With professional tax agents ready to assist you at every step via email, phone, or live chat, E-Lodge takes your tax needs seriously. 


Get your Refund fast

Finally, you receive your refund in your bank account.  in just 10 working days.