What makes me a nonresident for income tax purposes?


Your status as a non-resident of Australia for tax purposes is closely related to:

  • The purpose of your visit, for example, you came on working holiday or a short period of study
  • The length of your stay, for example, you spend less than six months in Australia
  • Your behavior during your stay, for example, you travel from place to place
  • The absence of family or business ties in Australia
  • The lack of Australian assets, such as a home
  • You are visiting, traveling and working in various locations
  • Leave Australia permanently



Your status is unlikely to change unless you apply for an extension of your 12-month working holiday visa or for permanent Australian residency with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.


You may, however, change your status to a resident for tax purposes by demonstrating that you lived and worked in the same place for longer than six months during the tax year.


Determine your status using the ATO decision tool.

When should I lodge my Australian tax return?

The majority of Australians lodge their taxes during the tax season.

You should try to lodge your tax return during the Australian tax season to avoid the hassle and possible extra cost of filing an early return.

The tax season begins immediately after the end of the financial year and runs from 1 July through 31 October.

The Australian financial or tax year starts on July 1st and concludes on June 30th of the following year.