Do I need to lodge a return?

Most people will have to lodge a return.


If you paid tax under PAYG withholding or had tax withheld from payments made to you, you definitely need to lodge a return. If you didn’t have any tax withheld, there are several conditions under which you may still have to file. It all depends on whether you are eligible for the senior Australian tax offset and whether you received any Government payments, pensions, or allowances. Continue reading “Do I need to lodge a return?”

How can I retrieve late or lost payment summaries?

Retrieve Payment Summaries


If you do not have all of your documents, contact your payer. Ask for a signed copy of your payment summary or a letter or signed statement showing the necessary information. If the information on your payment summary is incorrect, ask for an amended summary with the correct information.


If, however, you are not able to get a payment summary from your payer, you must complete a Statutory declaration (NAT 4135) with the ATO for each missing payment summary.