The Australian government lends a helping hand to those in need.

For example, retirees, individuals facing unemployment, families, parents, carers, the disabled,  Indigenous Australians, 16-24-year-old students, apprentices, people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds receive government payments. They are called Centrelink payments.


Here are some examples of Centrelink payments.
  • Age pension
  • Bereavement allowance
  • Carer payment
  • Disability support pension (you have reached pension age requirements)
  • Education entry payment
  • Parenting payment (single)
  • Widow B Pension
  • Income support supplement
  • Defence Force Income Support Allowance (DFISA) where the payment pension or allowance is taxable
  • DFISA-like payments (Australian Government income support payments not paid under Social Security Law such as ABSTUDY living allowance)
  • Invalidity service pension and you meet pension age requirements
  • Partner service pension
  • Eligible Termination Payments (ETP) – either a lump sum paid to you by your employer when you retired or ceased employment or a lump sum payment from a superannuation fund, approved deposit fund, retirement savings account or life assurance company.

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