How can I retrieve late or lost payment summaries?

Retrieve Payment Summaries


If you do not have all of your documents, contact your payer. Ask for a signed copy of your payment summary or a letter or signed statement showing the necessary information. If the information on your payment summary is incorrect, ask for an amended summary with the correct information.


If, however, you are not able to get a payment summary from your payer, you must complete a Statutory declaration (NAT 4135) with the ATO for each missing payment summary.

How long do I need to keep my records? Why do I need them?

Keep documentation for five years.


After you lodge your return, you may be required to produce written evidence that everything you declared and claimed on your tax return is truthful and correct. Generally speaking, you should keep written evidence for five years from the date you lodge your tax return. If at the end of these five years you are in a dispute with the ATO, you must keep the relevant records until the dispute is resolved. Continue reading “How long do I need to keep my records? Why do I need them?”

I am experiencing financial hardship. How can I get my refund more quickly?

Financial Hardships and Refunds


If you are experiencing financial hardship and need your refund immediately, the ATO may be able to prioritize your refund. Taxpayers who qualify for hardship may be able to get their refund within five working days. You can fill out the Financial Hardship Income Tax Refund Request on the ATO website at the same time that you lodge your tax return through our service.