How much will it cost to file a nonresident tax return using E-Lodge?

Nonresidents filing an Australian tax return during tax season do so at the same rate as Australian residents.

Given that many working holidays, makers will only report one or at most two types of incomes earned during their stay in Australia, most should be able to lodge using the Basic Package priced at $34.95.

A few claiming tax deductions in excess of $300 will have to use the Premier Package priced at $49.95.

Do I have to lodge an Australian tax return?

Most individuals must lodge a tax return.

If you were paid a salary or wages during your stay as a backpacker you need to lodge an Australian tax return.


As a working holidaymaker, you are foreign or nonresident for tax purposes and pay taxes on all the income you earn while working in Australia. Your employer withholds taxes from your pay. You are most likely entitled to a refund of the tax you paid.


Determine if you need to lodge here and lodge a tax return today.